April 3, 2020

Marketing Expert Dr. R Kay Green Announces Partnership with Fundable.com for MyLifeAsAKid.com Launch

Dr. Kay Green has partnered with Fundable.com to raise capital for the launch of MyLifeAsAKid.com – a highly-innovative online social scrapbook for kids to connect, share, and story-tell.  Children (and their parents) are able to create profiles in order to chronicle their experiences, thoughts, ideas, and feelings over the course of their childhood.

As Dr. Green explains, “Fundable.com was the No.1 choice for MyLifeAsAKid.com.  Will Schroter, CEO of Fundable.com, has a unique niche-market approach to raising capital for start-ups such as MyLifeAsAKid.com.

Dr. Green further explains, “From a marketing perspective, kids are more and more becoming actively involved with social media. In fact, the idea for MyLifeAsAKid.com originated from a conversation with my five-year old daughter about her own social media ideas.”

MyLifeAsAKid.com is a 100% child-safe website, with 24/7 monitoring, designed for children who want to embrace the world of social media. MyLifeAsAKid.com combines traditional social networking functions with online scrapbooking tools. Children can explore their creativity through storytelling with fun, educational, and distinctive features.

“I am very excited to be working with Fundable.com on this venture.  We are confident that we will more than accomplish our start-up goal of raising $100,000 in funding.” says Dr. Green.

Dr. Kay Green has been CEO/President of RKG Marketing Solutions LLC for seven years, prior to which she held the posts of Marketing Manager and Marketing Director. Her professional credentials include an Associates of Arts in Marketing Management, a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing, a Master of Business Administration in Marketing and Management and a Doctorate of Business Administration in Marketing. Dr. Kay Green is also a featured contributor to the Huffington Post and has written articles on entrepreneurship, empowerment, developing brands and how to achieve career success.

For additional information on MyLifeAsAKid.com visit: http://www.fundable.com/mylifeasakid#public-profile

To become an accredited investor for MyLifeAsAKid.com, visit: http://www.fundable.com/mylifeasakid#public-profile

Website: www.drkaygreen.com