April 3, 2020

Look Inside The Book

Look Inside The Book
I’ve Been Called the B*Word… Now What Do I Do? by Dr. Kay GreenI’ve Been Called the B*Word… Now What Do I Do?13 Rules for the “New-Age” Professional Woman provides an in-depth look at the modern entrepreneurial landscape. Also known as the B*Word Rule Book, this book suggests the emergence of an exciting new trend: more than ever before, female entrepreneurs are achieving tremendous business success.

  Introduction The B Word
Rule #1 Embrace the “I’ll Show You” Mind Frame
Rule #2 Set Attainable Goals
Rule #3 Find Your Niche
Rule #4 Understand the Power of You
Rule #5 Dress for the Career You Want, Not for the One You Have
Rule #6 Reposition, Reinvent, Re-strategize
Rule #7 Be Relentless in Your Pursuit
Rule #8 Build the Right Network
Rule #9 Strategy and Implementation are Symbiotic
Rule #10 Create Your Own Blue Ocean
Rule #11 Follow the Path to Self-Actualization
Rule #12 Inspire Others
Rule #13 Stay Ahead of the Curve
Conclusion The Journey Is the Destination

This is no passing fad; this has become a movement—a movement with such momentum that one must wonder whether these bold women entrepreneurs have discovered the secrets for how to build a brand and generate industry buzz.I’ve Been Called the B*Word… Now What Do I Do? 13 Rules for the “New-Age” Professional Woman defines the characteristics of these women and their veritable paths to success. It serves as a call to arms for others wishing to join the movement, live out their entrepreneurial dreams, and make their business aspirations into a reality.

I’ve Been Called the B*Word… Now What Do I Do? 13 Rules for the “New-Age” Professional Woman draws from the inspiration and interviews of 13 successful female entrepreneurs and career women from various backgrounds.  The B*Word Rule Book sheds light on what it means to be a strong and empowered woman in business. It offers insight into how to find your niche, establish your brand, revitalize your strategies, build the right network, and render the competition irrelevant.

From a personal perspective, it offers tips from the pros on how to create the proper mindset, dress for the part, reinvent yourself, be relentless without being overbearing, and inspire others while on the road towards that illusive state of self-actualization. With this book, women everywhere gain access to a proven process for living and working at their best.

If you are a woman with a career, you will find invaluable wisdom in this book. If you are a woman entrepreneur, you will find a verifiable roadmap to business success. If you’ve ever been called the B*Word, this book will change your life.

B*Word  Baffled, Ballistic, Beautiful, Belligerent, Benevolent, Bitch, Bizarre, Black, Blessed, Blond, Boastful, Bold, Boring, Bossy, Brash, Bright, Brilliant, Broken, Brown, Brunette, Busy, Business-oriented, Babbling, Bad, Baffling, Bashful, Believable, Beneficial, Benevolent, Benign, Best, Better, Big, Bigger, Bitter, Bizarre, Bland, Blessed, Blighted, Blind, Blissful, Blue, Blunt, Boisterous, Bouncy, Bragging, Brainy, Brassy, Brave, Breathtaking, Brief, Bright, Broad, Brutal, Bubbly, Budding, Bullish, Buoyant, Burgeoning, Businesslike, Brainiac, Believer